David Snelgrove travelled extensively through the remote regions of Western Nepal in 1956 for seven months and wrote a book titled “Himalayan Pilgrimage”, recounting his travel experiences. A lot of people didn’t even know the existence of Dolpo region and it’s peculiar natural and socio-cultural landscape until his work. Also, Dolpo is highlighted more recently by Peter Matthiessen in “The Snow Leopard” and in “Stones of Silence” by George Schaller. Also, Nepal’s first English subtitled movie on Dolpo, “The Caravan”, was also a huge success and was nominated for the Oscar Award in the category of best foreign language film in 1999.

Legend says that, Dolpo is a ‘Beyul’, a scared hidden valley sanctuary for those with pure mind and created by Guru Rimpoche, where people abide by Dharmic laws and the religious nature of people are reflected in almost all public spheres of life. Rokpa and Drokpa farmers inhabit the northern region bordering Tibet, who are insulated from rest of the Nepal for almost whole year because of heavy snow. The western part is home to Nepal’s largest and the only trans-Himalayan National park, “Shey-Phoksundo National Park”. Also, the beautiful and magnificent “Shey-Phuksundo” lake is a turquoise jewel that adorns this area and soothes the eyes and soul of travelers.


Welcome to Sangri La! 

If you have ever felt an itch to experience something beyond the mundane, if you are in need of a refreshing break or if you are looking for an exotic and vibrant travel experience, you have stumbled into the right place! 

Trekking in Nepal would be unlike any adventure you have undertaken as this mystical country is full of diverse landscapes, rich in ancient culture and heritage and traditions that are still alive, breathing and part of day to day life. For its small size, Nepal surely offers a plethora of options when it comes to trekking. This land of Himalayas, country of temples, birthplace of the enlightened Gautama Buddha comes closest to mythical Sangri-La, as this is the place where myth permeates into an ordinary reality and we are here to assist you to be part of it! 

Nepal is one of the most popular destination for lovers of adventure and trekking and rightfully so. The terrain of the Nepalese Himalayas offer various stunning trekking routes, each one quite different in terms of topography, altitude, flora and fauna. It is rather unfair to name one as the best trekking route in Nepal, as these routes are different and sublime in their own way. You can find the trekking route that suits you by looking at the region and the features offered by those treks.

The ideal trek for one depends on your choice of difficulty and also number of days you want to spend trekking. The budget, trek style and destination also plays role in shaping your treks. Trek Venture Nepal is here to help you make all the right choices and let you embark on an unforgettable trekking journey that your soul craves!

Lower Dolpo Trekking
Lower Dolpo Trekking is quite unique and offers a distinct experience that can’t be found in the rest of Nepal, in terms of its landscape...
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