Chitwan Wildlife Safari (the best of Chitwan tour)

Chitwan Wildlife Safari is THE most popular wildlife tour that Nepal offers. One can witness and experience the exotic diversity of many rare animals and birds while also witnessing the way of life of indigenous Tharu people that inhabit the region. The combination of chitwan wildlife safari, tharu cultural dance, sunset view in rapti river, elephant ride, canoeing comprises chitwan tour.

Chitwan (‘chit’-heart, ‘wan’-jungle = ‘heart of the jungle’) National Park is the first national park of Nepal and was declared UNESCO national heritage site in 1979. It is located on subtropical lowlands of south central Nepal in the Terai region. It also contains a Ramsar (wetland according to Switzerland convention) site called Bishazari Taal. The altitude ranges from 110m to 850m above sea level. The park which spans 952 square km is bounded by the Rapti and Narayani River in the north, Parsa Wildlife Reserve in the east and Madi settlements and India border in the south.

Chitwan National Park has a range of climatic seasons each offering unique experience. Temperature fluctuates from 25 degree Celsius during the winter to 45 degree Celsius during the summer. A delicious vegetation called Sal (Shorea robusta) provides vegetative cover to almost 75 percent of the park. The remaining vegetation types include grassland, riverine forest and Sal with Chir pine (Pinus roxburghii).

Chitwan Wildlife Safari
Tourist Riding Elephant in Chitwan National Park

The wide range of vegetation types in the Chitwan National Park is home of more than 700 species of wildlife and a not yet fully surveyed number of butterfly, moth and insect species. Apart from king cobra and rock python, 17 other species of snakes, starred tortoise and monitor lizards occur. The Narayani-Rapti river system, their small tributaries and myriads of oxbow lakes is habitat for 113 recorded species of fish and mugger crocodiles. The park highlight includes, Royal Bengal Tiger, One horned Asiatic Rhino, Gharials, Bengal foxes, Sloth Bears, leopard cats, etc.

One of the best Jungle safari on elephant back, canoe trip, camping, visit to elephant breeding center and jeep safari into deep forest will only add to your adventure!

Along with Bardiya Wildlife Safari and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Safari, Chitwan Wildlife Safari is a tour which is rich in varieties of animal and plants.

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Chitwan Wildlife Safari (the best of Chitwan tour)

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