Classic Trishuli River Rafting- Best 5 Days Rafting Package

Classic Trishuli River  Rafting

Classic Trishuli River  Rafting is one of the most popular river rafting and is easily accessible from Kathmandu as well as Pokhara. For the first-timers; the experience of river rafting in the Trishuli River is a must-do thing. The river comprises some thrilling gorge in the lower part as it cuts the 2000 meter high Mahabharat range to make its way out. The water flow in the Trishuli River is big, bouncy, and has relatively safe flips where the probability of accidents is very low.

Classic Trishuli River Rafting
Rafting in Trishuli River

The most luring part of this Classic Trishuli River is that the raft comprises Scenic valleys, thrilling gorges, moving rapids as well as easier sections all in perfect amounts giving a blast for first-timers or experienced ones.

wild west karnali is an advanced river rafting that is suitable for experienced rafters and adventure thrill-seekers.


Trek Venture Nepal representative will greet you at airport and take you to hotel. After a long flight, rest is important for next days journey!

After decent breakfast, we drive from Kathmandu to Charaundi (rafting start point) in the morning. The journey starts with the general briefing and guidance to perform while on raft. Begin the rafting towards Kurintar river side resort. Enjoy the flow of river and the excitement of it.The river rapid is classified to 2,3 grades. Sleep and dine in beach camp.

Our adventure awaits and we stroll to the river bank of Trishuli to our raft. We enter to the Trishuli gorge. As the canyon narrows the walls becomes steep, densely, forested and along with this the current speeds up and the rapids increase in the size and frequency. After this wonderful raft trip we drive back from Kurintar towards Kathmandu.

A whole day sightseeing of Kathmandu valley, all major UNESCO sites and other historical and cultural attractions

Departure to onward destination. TVN representative escort you for departure to Kathmandu airport. End of our service.

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Classic Trishuli River Rafting- Best 5 Days Rafting Package

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