Manang Dirt Bike Tour – Best 12 days Bike Tour

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Manang Dirt Bike Tour

Manang Dirt Bike Tour is designed to give you the ultimate dirt biking experience combining the many exotic biking routes that this region of Nepal has to offer. The diversity in terms of landscapes, scenery, altitude, and topography is bound to enthrall you as you gear up towards the deepest gorges and valleys, alpine forests, undulating hills, lush green paddy fields, and arid landscapes will be a memorable part and parcel of this wonderful journey.

Manang is popularly termed, ‘the district beyond the Himalayas’ by the local Nepalese and aptly so. This region lies on the north of the Himalayas blocking the Monsoon wind, thus getting the least amount of rainfall along with the Mustang.

The Manang Valley, which lies close to the Nepal-Tibet border, Manang Dirt Bike Tour offers tremendous opportunities due to its rich natural flora and fauna and unique language, culture, and traditions that set this region apart from the rest of Nepal. They are culturally closer to Tibetan people follow Tibetan Buddhism and also speak their own unique ‘Manangi’ Language.

Manang Dirt Bike Tour
Manang Dirt Bike Tour

During Manang Dirt Bike Tour, you will traverse through various villages and get to see a different side of Nepal, far from hustle and bustle of Kathmandu and Pokhara. Here, simplicity dwells, an innocent smile greets your soul and people connect to you on a different level. Maybe it’s the freshness of the air, remoteness in terms of modern accessories, and being afar from a fast-paced-uber-demanding lifestyle of cities that translates to more honest and filter-less interactions which speak to your soul.

In Manang Dirt Bike Tour all the bikes and gears will be of the highest standard to ensure your safety. We at TVN take comfort and security of our clients with utmost seriousness. You are required to have a motorcycle license in order to complete this trip. You do have an option to bring your own bike but most of our clients chose to rent it in Kathmandu.

There are many brands to choose from but we do recommend KTM Duke, Tornado XR, or Honda CRF as per your preferences, for their relative ease and comfort. Rental prices vary from 25 USD to 90 USD per day excluding the price for fuel.

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Manang Dirt Bike Tour is one of the most adventure dirt bike tours you can experience in Nepal. The tour starts after your arrival in Kathmandu where you will prepare for the tour with a test ride drive to the world heritage sites of Kathmandu and the valley.


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Manang Dirt Bike Tour – Best 12 days Bike Tour

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