Paragliding – The great Adventure

6 Days


If you are into adventure sports, then paragliding can be really fulfilling experience for you. If you are a thrill seeker, then this might just be another adventure you might want to cross off your bucket list, or, if you simply are one of those kind, who would like to try something out of your comfort zone, then this might be just right for you.  

There are several ideal spots in Nepal for paragliding but Pokhara usually tops the list, as this beautiful city of lakes offers such a panorama that is rarely matched by other places. 

Imagine a beautiful day, clear blue sky and you are gliding above scenic lakes and lush green vegetation, with Fishtail mountain and Annapurna range on horizon and gentle breeze soothes your face. With the fear of height taking backseat, now your soul soars like an eagle that is flying high and for once, you have come closer to feel what is like to have your own pair of wings. And if you are lucky, some exotic birds like- Himalayan Griffon Vulture, Golden Eagle, etc. might just hitchhike the flight with you, leaving you with an unforgettable experience of lifetime. 

All the pilots are certified with many years of experience and most of the flights are tandem flight. Which basically means that most of the work is done by pilot, while you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery all around the valley. If you are licensed paraglider, you can go solo as well. All the equipment are top notch, so one need not worry about the quality and safety of their experience.  

For those interested, Trek Venture Nepal can also arrange training courses, which usually lasts five days. This beginner level course includes, introduction to the equipment and its transport, care, and maintenance; pre-flight safety check; glider inflation and deflations; takeoff and landing procedures; theory of flight, meteorology and air law, speed control, etc. 

Also, if one is interested in paragliding in another parts of Nepal, we do have associates who will materialize your wish to fly.  

After your arrival in Kathmandu airport. Trek Venture Nepal Pvt.Ltd representative escorts you to hotel room in private transport.

Sightseeing to the Swayambhunath Stupa also famous as Monkey Temple and Pashupatinath Temple. Both recognized as UNESCO world heritage site since 1979 AD. Also other cultural or historic sites like Durbar sqare, etc.

After early morning breakfast and we drive to Pokhara. The drive to Pokhara is six hours. We drive on Prithivi highway which is two lane roads and is always busy for in and out going transportation. There will be lunch and toilet breaks along the way. Check in to the hotel room after arrival.

We begin our adventure after breakfast at hotel. Drive to Sarangkot hill point, a place for tandem flights. Take couple of steps forward, sit back, calm your breathing and enjoy the thrilling flight together with birds and other gliders flying around Sarangkot Mountain. Pilot will take you up to the thermal top to the very cloud base of it; from there you will slowly descend through the magical scenery of Annapurna Mountain Range with contrasted Fewa Lake below and epic scenery of Pokhara valley. Drive to hotel for lunch. The afternoon is followed by boating in Fewa lake and rest of the evening on your own to experience Pokhara Lake side and night life.

Drive to Kathmandu after breakfast. Check in hotel for overnight. You could stroll around, check other attractions or go shopping!

Departure to onward destination. TVN representative escort you for departure to Kathmandu airport. End of our service.

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Paragliding – The great Adventure

Sonam Sherpa

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