Volunteering in Nepal- Best 12 Days Short Program in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal

If you are driven by unique sense of purpose, believe that you can be of help to local communities with your experience and skills, and are willing to travel and stay in far-away places from the comfort of your cozy home, then Volunteering in Nepal might just be for you.

Nepal is a beautiful country, there is no argument about that but there is also another side to this heavenly abode, which is poverty, illiteracy, under-development, and all social ills that come along with poverty. Despite that, slowly but surely, things are changing for good, dark clouds are slowly moving away and we are quite sure, sunshine will reach us one day in all its glory. It would be wonderful, if you could be part of this movement, a part of the solution with anything you can offer, from your goodwill and beautiful smile to skills that can profoundly change the lives of kids, adults, and elderly people. 

Volunteering in Nepal

You will be living in one of our communities, either in the comfort of a hostel or via a homestay program with one of your hosts during your stay for Volunteering in Nepal. It seems that homestay is more popular as not only it is more budget-friendly but it also provides you an ample opportunity to not just observe but live, breathe and be part of the Nepalese way of life.

This cultural contrast – eating local foods like daal, bhaat, and momo; waking up listening to early morning temple chants while morning sunrises from picturesque snow-capped mountains; waving hello and namaste to people who look at you curiously but with fondness, warmth and affection; while you are on your mission is going to an experience that will nourish not only the mind but your soul. Yes, a big cultural adjustment is to be expected but as someone wise said, “we only grow, outside of our comfort zone”. 

There are various volunteering options, which we customize as per your interest, experience, and skill-set. We will pair you with relevant organizations that align with your sense of purpose and help you with finding a program that aligns with your value so that you will be appreciated and supported for being part of it. 

volunteer in everest region at schools, hospitals, and monasteries can be a part while volunteering in Nepal.

a. Volunteer in a Buddhist Monastery or nunnery of your choice, as an English teacher. 

b. Volunteer in an Orphanage home. 

c. Volunteer in Special Needs School.  

d. Volunteer as an art therapist.  

e. Volunteer on an organic farm, learn about organic farming with an authentic homestay experience with one of our hosts.  

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Volunteering in Nepal- Best 12 Days Short Program in Nepal

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