Gyalzen Sherpa

Gyalzen Sherpa has been a trekking guide and also a trekking cook since 1970. He was born in Khunde V.D.C of Solukhumbu district, Nepal. As a field adviser, he is immensely resourceful during any trekking operations and provides TVN with invaluable experience that only certain individuals can muster. His decades of experience, calm nature and ability to handle any problems during trekking with ease has been a great asset. A man of few words but many resourceful qualities, he ensures that all the requirements are met before, during and after the trek for a wholesome experience. He also advises us with trip planning and undertaking crucial decisions if and when complications arise during our venture. Always with a smile and dependable to the core, we hope his incredible level of experience will make your experience, sweeter, safer and memorable for many more years to come.

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